Wireless technology is rapidly evolving, playing an increasing role in the lives of people all over the world. Many people are relying on the technology directly or indirectly. Examples include cellular phones, pages, GPS systems and cordless phone sets.

Wireless solutions for both voice and data requirements are becoming increasingly prevalent in the business community due to the flexibility they offer in contrast to established fixed-wire infrastructures. They enable the easy creation of networks within listed buildings, provide enhanced mobility solutions for roaming users and allow for “hot desking” in offices with limited space availability.

SBL consultants take a holistic view of wireless deployments and consider both the security implications and performance requirements. Wireless voice systems – from traditional DECT through to the increasingly popular wireless IP – offer their own particular challenges and each solution we design is bespoke to the specific requirements of our customer.

The SBL wireless technology portfolio comprises industry leading solutions from Alcatel and Inter-Tel. Please refer to our Partners Section for further information.

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