Our business philosophy is to build long-term partnerships with our clients – ensuring that they can call on our experts for professional care and technological support at all times.

SBL has been created with the highest level of support from our partners, and the philosophy behind SBL is that we understand the client’s requirements, and only commit to what we are confident we can deliver and support.

The team at SBL has many years experience in delivering quality service to their clients, and has supplied tailored support solutions to every branch of industry and every size of company. We take this role very seriously indeed – and we understand that it goes far beyond the initial design and implementation of your system.

SBL Support is our commitment to maintaining and updating your communications solutions as your business develops with the experience and expertise of our technically accredited support personnel. As a result of this we can offer a range of service features that we believe is unique in the industry, and will bespoke these to each of our client’s specific requirements.

SBL Support provides Business Continuity to our clients. Business Continuity is a proactive process which ensures that businesses can continue to operate effectively and efficiently through all eventualities, whatever the circumstances.

SBL Support does not offer “off the shelf” support packages to our clients. We prefer to tailor our solution around the client’s requirements.

Hardware Replacement

Remote Software Patches

Escalation Management

Flexible Upgrade Option