Return on Investment
The decision on whether or not to deploy any new technology is often based on its potential to deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI).

Conferencing and web collaboration offers several sources of payback worthy of consideration both in terms of hard and soft benefits / cost savings.

Reducing Business Travel
Managers have often focused on the potential for travel cost savings when assessing the ROI offered by adopting conferencing and collaboration technologies such as web conferencing.

The argument is simple, if a proportion of face-to-face business meetings could be replaced using conferencing (audio, web, video etc) the organisation will avoid fight, hotel, motoring, parking and meal expenses. Furthermore, meeting participants avoid wasting time travelling to and from meetings.

ROI Calculators
Calculate the savings for the main business cost centres:

To assist you in calculating the hard cost savings that can be achieved through the use of web conferencing we have created a series of ROI Calculators designed to demonstrate the potential for cost savings and efficiency gains within the main business cost centres.

Each Calculator creates an online summary of the potential costs savings and efficiency gains available. You can also have a copy of the report emailed to you for your records.

General Time Savings
In addition to travel cost savings, web collaboration solutions allow employees to communicate quickly and simply at the click of mouse. This eliminates the need for several time-wasting activities including:

Meeting scheduling
Reporting to and from the Conference Room
Gathering materials (papers, files, etc.) for the meeting.
Although at first these may seem as insignificant, the time wasted on these tasks can quickly add up. For the average busy executive participating just 60 meeting per year, if they converted 25% of their meeting to web collaboration sessions (and not wasting time on the formal meeting process) the organisation could enjoy time savings worth around £2,000 per year.

Enhanced Productivity
The most important benefit of web collaboration is the productivity enhancement gained by having immediate access to colleagues irrespective of their location. This ability to work more effectively and from almost any location (home, office, hotel room etc) may be difficult to quantify, however the benefits are very important – especially for those who need to work together closely but are located in different offices even countries.