Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

SBL designs and builds communications systems for Enterprise customers that deliver tangible return on investment benefits. We concentrate on solutions that improve employee productivity and maximise the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Our Unified Communications solutions address the #1 concern of CEOs in a recent poll conducted in the USA and the UK – namely that they were not making the most of the most valuable resource in their organisations – their staff. Poor internal communication leads to increased costs, project delays and slipped deadlines.

We are all familiar with the scenario of leaving an urgent message on somebody’s office phone, following this up with a message on their mobile phone and then – just to make sure, sending that person an SMS or email message. Imagine the time – and hence expense – this takes both for the sender and the receiver.

Now imagine a scenario by where the sender knows the whereabouts of the receiver and is able to send one message to the appropriate device, secure in the knowledge that the receiver will pick up the message immediately when he/she is able. Targeted information flow like this is available through the deployment of Unified Communications solutions.

SBL can provide a range of Unified Communication solutions including voice and video conferencing direct from the PC, unified messaging, presence management, softphone and unified communication clients.

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